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Be a Unicorn T-Shirt

There can't be anything better than being a unicorn.

Be a Unicorn T-Shirt

There can't be anything better than being a unicorn.

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Description: Be a Unicorn T-Shirt

We geeks know what's best, right? It's not the boring old mainstream or short-lived fashion that counts. Besides, we don't have to hide our geekness and our geek-skills, we are who we are and are proud to show off to the world!

There's just one tiny (sparkling magic) exception... If some old, grey (or white) wizard comes up to you and offers you the chance to be a unicorn, well... 'carpe hornem' (seize the horn). Nothing in life could be better than being a mythical creature. Even Chuck Norris would rather be a unicorn than Chuck Norris. (Some say he already is a mythical creature.)

(A nice glitter spell is a good method to become a magic creature. But eat up a unicorn works miracles, too, if that's your only chance...)

And then it's time to dance like everybody's watching, because you're just fabulous!

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