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Zelda & Luigi

And where is Princess Link?

Zelda & Luigi

And where is Princess Link?

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Each of us probably had this moment of truth in our lives when one decisive thing came up to him or her: The hero from the Zelda games is not Zelda at all! Sure, it would have been so obvious if the blond guy in the green doublet with Ocarina, sword and shield would have been the name giver of the game series, wouldn't it? But of course you know: the real hero of Zelda is Luigi! Huh? Now we are even confused by our Zelda & Luigi shirt.

So let's clarify: Zelda is indeed the nice young lady on the left side of the shirt. Her sign Princess of Hyrule, she is the adored one of the protagonist and must be rescued in various parts of the series. Luigi, on the other hand, can't actually be seen on the shirt. The green-clad plumber and brother of no less than Super Mario definitely misses his moustache and black hair. But then who's the neat young fellow to the right of the princess? Sure! Link, the actual hero of the series.

And even if you didn't know anything about the Zelda games before (there are supposed to be such people somewhere), now you're sure to see through the riddle. Because here you can play with the knowledge and not-knowledge of your friends in a very charming and humorous way. And frankly, as a real gamer, you immediately realized that, didn't you?