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You will play that spell T-Shirt

A spell? How cute. Come on, try and play it...

You will play that spell T-Shirt

A spell? How cute. Come on, try and play it...

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Description: You will play that spell T-Shirt

Trading card games like Magic not only require rather deep pockets but also a high degree of strategic thinking and cunning. Imagine having built the ultimate deck, full of synergies and certain-death combos. You are facing your opponent and get a lucky first hand of cards...

Yes! Everything is working in your favour. You only need to play one last spell to activate your insta-kill combination. You tap your lands and put down your spell card, waiting for your enemy to... laugh...?

Huh? What's happening?

Well, had you only looked at your opponent's t-shirt, you would've known what to expect. The "You will play that spell" t-shirt is a dead giveaway that he favours blue decks.

What's so bad about blue, you ask? Well, blue is known for pesky illusion plays and cheap counter-spells like the one your enemy just used to disrupt your ultimate combo. Next time, pay attention to what your opponent is wearing!
Or, better - become a blue player yourself and prepare to feast on the tears of your enemies...

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