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Storage Evolution T-Shirt

Do you remember the bulky predecessors of Cloud and Co.?

Storage Evolution T-Shirt

Do you remember the bulky predecessors of Cloud and Co.?

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Description: Storage Evolution T-Shirt

–Will you come over to prepare the presentation?

Sure, I just need to save the pictures...

What's the problem?

Erm... I'm looking for the 10 diskettes I need.

TEN diskettes...??! Remember those days? It may feel like a story from the Stone Age, but it's actually only been a few years...

Assuming you actually remembered to take all the diskettes with you, you then had to hope they would survive the carrying and the banging around, not to mention temperature and humidity issues. Still... even when a diskette did get damaged, you could still play with the slidey shutter thing :). And was there a better feeling than bending it till it snapped?! Byte me, baby!

USB flash drives and SD-type cards may be a lot more elegant (and the smaller the device, the bigger the storage, it seems!); Still, they lack the charm and character of floppies and disks, though, don't they? Remember peeling off and sticking on the label and writing on it? (Yep... shoulda written on the label first and then peeled it off... doh!)

And ‘the cloud'...? Can't even be touched! Boooring!! Though of course, cloud computing provides an almost endless storage capacity. And you can't lose it –(as long as you remember your password). You might want to think twice about cloud backups if you're a celebrity, though. ;)

Whichever era of storage you pine for, you can't go wrong with the Storage Evolution Shirt with each format heroically stood in the evolutionary line. ;)

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