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Never Forget Your Origin

It's a me, Retro-Mario!

Never Forget Your Origin

It's a me, Retro-Mario!

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Oh, what a long time! Switch on the CRT TV, start the NES, blow into the cartridge again and the fun could start! No savegames, few functions, simple graphics, but the beginning of many gamers' passions. And no figure is more iconic, famous and popular than the little plumber with the moustache - Mario! With this Never Forget Your Origin you can show your true roots and stand to the fact that 8bit were enough in the past!

In times of Classic Mini-editions from these very same early consoles and computers, you often get caught up in the same way as you are nostalgically thinking about the "good old games", don't you? Retro is trendy and so on this shirt Mario looks at a somewhat pixelated, but absolutely familiar image from the past. Whether he sometimes longs back to the simple times when he couldn't do much more than jump, run and throw fireballs?

And even if no one wants to miss 4K, 60FPS and almost photo-realistic graphics - stand by your first love and never forget how it all started!