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Legosaurus T-Shirt

With this dinosaur, you can truly build a future!

Legosaurus T-Shirt

With this dinosaur, you can truly build a future!

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Description: Legosaurus T-Shirt

When the first dinosaurs were discovered, people must have been more than just a little confused. After all, giant beasts with huge teeth, enormous bones and mysterious armour plates were things from myth and legend. We thought. Now we know better, of course. Except, every now and then, dinosaur remains are found that turn our understanding of prehistoric times upside down.

The newest discovery is pictured on the Legosaurus T-Shirt: The gentle herbivore, named after his discoverer Earl Legolas of Legollington, is covered in colourful armour plates and protrusions that just happen to look like building blocks from Denmark. Our first test results indicate that the Legosaurus predominantly lived in building block crates and used his colourful appearance to hide from predators. Isn't nature beautiful?

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