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Graphics Outside T-Shirt

Reality is never as good as a good video game.

Graphics Outside T-Shirt

Reality is never as good as a good video game.

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Description: Graphics Outside T-Shirt

So-called 'reality', also known as offline or as 'the great outside', may be nicely rendered, sure. But it's still a bit boring most of the time!

Sure, you can actually touch everything there, but what about auto theft (grand or otherwise), chest cracking or sword swinging? And angry flesh people are way too real! Not to mention those funny smells which don't ever have to worry about that in the virtual world...

So, what can you do with the detailed high-resolution streets, lawns, busses and fellow human beings? Well really, there's not much else other than enjoying the view and appreciating the graphics!

At least you survived your trip to the real world... But now you're safe home again, browsing getdigital.com. Next time you go out, be sure to let those 'real' people know about your adventure with the message on this shirt.

Remember: while trousers aren't necessary most of the time, since only the T-Shirt can be seen through the webcam - when venturing into 'the great outside', don't forget that boxer shorts are not enough!

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