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Buckling Spring Keyboard Spacesaver M

The reissue of the IBM Model M by Unicomp for Mac.

Buckling Spring Keyboard Spacesaver M

The reissue of the IBM Model M by Unicomp for Mac.

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Do you remember when we all thought super flat keyboards were the future? Did you even throw away your old grey-beige mechanical keyboard in favour of one of these neatly designed Macs? Maybe now you regret your crazy-bad decision and miss the comforting "clicks" and the satisfying feeling when you push the keys?

Or maybe you kept your old keyboard? Only it's not really so handy without a USB!

Your prayers are answered, thanks to a reissue of the good old IBM Model M.

Unicomp bought the patents for the IBM keyboards and have produced this modern edition with USB so you'll have no problem connecting it to modern desktops and notebooks. (Connection via PS2 are not possible, sorry.)

IBM Model M

Of course, it's not only the typical office colour of the 80s and 90s that makes the Model M so special that it sold in the millions, but the Buckling Springs special mechanical keys, where the spring inside each key compresses and also 'buckles', which creates the great tactile pressure point and the wonderful slightly metallic "click".

For the technical minded, the spring triggers a hammer which squeezes two membranes - that's how the contact is made.

Mechanical keyboards allow for faster and more accurate typing thanks to the haptic feedback. The typing action feels better, more comfortable and your fingers don't get tired so fast. In contrast to Cherry MX keys, when you release the key on Buckling Springs, you don't feel the pressure point again, so there's no "hooking" when you lift your fingers.

The inbuilt steel plate makes the keyboard heavy and therefore stable, even for forceful typists. Naturally, it has the usual soft feet to adjust the angle, and another special feature is the removable key caps, so if you wish, you can create your own layout - plus it's really easy to clean the whole device. It's possible to use other key caps too.

As a bonus to all this old stuff, there's the addition of the standard Mac Command button to control programmes like iTunes or Safari, while on the right you'll find the keypad and status lights.

And if that's not enough, there's another reason the IBM Model M is one of the biggest ever selling keyboards: durability. Yep, your investment will pay off, particularly for those who use their PC a lot - and who doesn't?

The keyboard is available with two different layouts:

DE: Qwertz layout with 105 keys.

US: Qwerty layout with 104 keys.

If you're looking for a keyboard which combines the benefits of the IBM Model M but has modern colours, click here.

Technical details
  • Power supply: via USB
  • Dimensions: ca. 46 cm x 18 cm
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Features: Built-in steel plate
  • Weight: ca. 1.5 kg
  • Length of Cable: 195 cm