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Sheldon Cooper's favourite elements: –Ba, Zn, Ga: Bazanga!


Sheldon Cooper's favourite elements: –Ba, Zn, Ga: Bazanga!

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What connects the elements: barium, zinc and gallium is obvious on this t-shirt. (well for fans of the complying TV series..

If we've learnt one thing from Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, then it's the expression: Bazinga. –A linguistic concoction featuring a chemical synthesis of the elements mentioned above ;)

Sheldon or Shelly (as his sisters tenderly calls him) uses Bazinga to tell others that they've fallen for one of his 'brilliant' (according to Sheldon, of course) jokes and pranks.

Once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazanga

We're guessing only fans of this great geeky sitcom are going to get this shirt. But wouldn't it be interesting to find out if your science teachers get it or not? ;)

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