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1990 T-Shirt

Here is proof that time is relative.

1990 T-Shirt

Here is proof that time is relative.

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Description: 1990 T-Shirt

In the 90s, all was still well with the world - Germany was reunited, the Cold War was over and the new millennium had not yet dawned. We passed the time playing video games on the console or the Gameboy and waited forever for the roaring modem to dial up to the internet. It seems as if all that was only yesterday. In any case, ten years ago at the most, right?

But at the latest when you try to explain to a teenager what a video cassette is, you probably realise how much time has passed. On the 1990 T-shirt it has fortunately stood still. That's why it's designed in the same bright colours as your clothes back then. ;)

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