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TV B-Gone

The TV B-Gone is a little universal remote control that is able to turn off nearly all european TVs.

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  • This small device for your bunch of keys is able to switch off nearly all TVs.

Do you know the situation when you are visiting a friend and his TV runs all the time? Then this little device could help you:

The TV B-Gone is a little remote control with only one function: It is able to turn off nearly all european TVs. The TV B-Gone manages this by sending nearly all known europan turn-off codes. There are many codes on the market and so it takes 55s until all codes are transmitted but most TVs are switched off in the first seconds.

Just imagine that you'll never again have to watch folk music shows with your grandma :)

Additionally, we can offer you the Pirate Remote. It can control more functions, but doesn't detect as much TVs as the TV-B-Gone.

The device measures only about 5x4cm and comes with a cool keychain so that you can have it everywhere with you. It works with two batteries (CR2032), they are included and last about 3-12 months.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 5x4cm
  • Power supply : By battery
  • Required Batteries : 2 * CR2032 (already included)