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Star Wars Glow in the Dark Spaceships

Glow in the Dark Star Wars spaceships and stars to stick on where ever you like.

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  • A package contains 10 space ships, 2 Star Wars logos and 12 stars which glow in the dark.
  • 24 Star Wars Glow in the Dark Figure which can be stuck to walls, ceilings, furniture and much more.

As a big fan of perhaps the most popular science fiction saga ever, we'll bet that you're probably one of those who just can't get enough Star Wars products, right?

You've got the Millennium Falcon, you've got Tie Fighters and Bombers, A-Wings, X-Wings and the whole shebang … But got a problem seeing all your cool Star Wars stuff at night? Well, not anymore! We'd like to present these rather funky little Star Wars Glow in the Dark Spaceships.

The special feature of these figures is that – you guessed it – they glow in the dark! And for a really bright glow, shine a light on them for a few minutes before turning off the lights.

Each Star Wars Glow in the Dark Spaceships package contains the following:

10 spaceships (6 ships of the Rebel Alliance, 4 ships of the Empire), 2 Star Wars logos and 12 stars.

Among the spaceships, there are:
2 x X-Wings
2 x A-Wings
2 x Millennium Falcon
2 x TIE Fighter
2 x TIE Bomber

The spaceships come with small double-sided adhesive stickers so you can stick them wherever you want, like to your walls or ceilings.

The Star Wars Glow in the Dark Spaceships are also a nice decoration and a soft, dim fall-asleep light for children's rooms – where the little Padawans dream of becoming real Jedi Knights one day :) …

'It's a dark time for the Rebel Alliance…' Well, not anymore! Not with the Star Wars Glow in the Dark Spaceships :).

Technical details

  • Material : plastics
  • Dimensions : Space Ships: between: 3x0.5x7cm and 6x0,5x7cm

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