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Self-stirring Mug Caffeine Molecule

With a built-in screw, this mug stirrs your drinks for you.

article no. 6798

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  • Stirs coffee automatically.
  • A propeller in the mug is activated at the push of a button.
  • Two-coloured caffeine molecule imprinted on both sides.

Heads up folks! Yes, winter is coming… like it or not! While we all miss the fun the summer brings, let's not forget the joys of snuggling up in front of a fire or heater with a warm drink :). And even better news is we've got the solution to that age-old problem: where to put your spoon after you've stirred your drink!

And no, the answer is not leaving it in the mug (having a spoon in your face is rather uncomfortable, we know) or leaving dirty spots on your furniture or important documents.

The answer? Why, the Self-Stirring Mug, of course! All problems with teaspoons belong in the past as now you simply push a button so that the milk/coffee/sugar* merge to a smooth, tasty drink... mmm... And this makes this mug one of our most popular mugs. The imprinted caffeine molecule on the Self-Stirring Mug leaves everyone in no doubt about your favourite beverage, but of course other drinks feel at home in this mug, too ;).

* Other combinations are available!

How does this remarkable invention work? A small, battery-driven propeller is built into the base. Full of energy, but still rather quiet, it stirs your beverage at the touch of a button. So now, endless stirring sessions, trying to get a clump-free cocoa for example, are a thing of the past! Leave it all to the Self-Stirring Mug.

The mug is dishwasher-proof too; simply unscrew the base (as it contains the electronic parts) and put it into the dishwasher.

Technical details

  • Dimensions : With socket ca. 13cm high, 8cm diametre
  • Required Batteries : 2 * AAA (not included)
  • care and maintenance : Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity : ca. 250ml
  • Material : Plastic Mug

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